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Bill West

Bill West started his citrus career in Lake County.  One of the many fine production/harvesting folks that worked for Libby.  Bill moved to the Ft. Pierce area where he spent most of his citrus life.   His good friend Paul Driscoll would bring Bill to the annual Mature Mentors luncheon.  Many of you stayed in touch with Bill through the Citrus Production Managers Association.  Sometimes little things stick with you; for example I still remember an OJ meeting many years ago when we had a grower panel talking about some critical issue (don't remember just which one!).  After tossing the topic around between the panel and audience it was evident there was not a clear solution to the problem and Bill made the comment "gentlemen we grow citrus in spite of what we do, not because of what we do!"  Ah, the observation of a wise man.  I am sure the "kids" in charge today do not understand this statement as they are doing a tremendous number of "things" to deal with greening.  I use Bill's observation all the time, not only in the citrus arena, but with many areas of life - sometimes it seems we raised kids in spite of what we did, not because of what we did!  Thanks Bill West for your insight and contribution to the citrus industry.

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