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Bud Boyer

I shared a few comments about Bud when the notice of his passing was sent to everyone.  He was a covid case that became fatal.  I joined Bud and others a number of times at Eaton’s Beach in Wiersdale for lunch.  I would see Bud almost every month at the Hillbillies (group of citrus folks) meeting.  He was a regular attendee at all Extension functions.  He drove an International Scout through his groves and all over Wiersdale.  He was a pheromonal historian as he could tell you background information on most farmers in south Marion County (heck he was related to most of them having been born, raised and resided in Wiersdale).  He was a Boy Scout – as a boy, young man and his entire life after age 8.  I believe I have shared the story of Bud and the Wieresdale Boy Scout troop.  As Scout Master Bud mentored 52 Eagle scouts.  He was an Eagle Scout.  A huge part of his life was Boy Scouts.  Search your past issues of In the Loop lunches to learn more of this remarkable story.

Bud was a citrus grower.  He attended UF and his degree was in engineering.  His family was citrus.  Bud was a Florida Citrus Mutual board member for many years which indicates his fellow growers in Marion and surrounding counties considered him a leader and a man of character.  The Florida Citrus Hall of Fame has an excellent video of Bud discussing his role as a FCM director and sharing some stories on citrus in Marion County with his close friend Rusty Wiygul.  Many of you know Bud, not personally but from having seen him at meetings, field days, Mature Mentors lunch and other activities.  Bud chose his words carefully.  Not an outspoken guy, but someone that did participate actively in discussions.  Rusty has hundreds of Bud Boyer stories, maybe he will share a few with us.  There is a huge hole in Wiersdale that will never be filled.  Bud was the squire of the community and someone that will never be replaced. 

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