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Gene Albrigo 

We lost a great member of the citrus industry.  He was a grower’s researcher as his work was strictly focused on solving your problems.  When you grow up on a ‘ranch’ in California where you grew, harvested, hauled and sold peaches one gains an appreciation for growers.

Visit the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame web location below to read about this tireless researcher and then click the link to watch the video.  It is well worth the time.  Gene is one on those public employees that enjoyed helping others, especially growers.  Not only was he engaged in numerous research projects, he lead the ‘off campus’ course program at the Citrus Research and Education Center.  Many students were able to obtain advanced degrees and take advantage of formal classes through his tireless efforts. Gene was a firm believer in national and international cooperation.  He was active in organizations that pulled scientists from all over the world together to collectively work to solve problems.  He traveled extensively sharing his knowledge and gaining many insights to help Florida growers.  He was a friend to many and a terror on the volley ball court at the research center.  Gene worked as long as he could.  He would commute from the Daytona Beach area to Lake Alfred and spend several days at the center even though he retired several years ago.  Once again check out his citrus story.  Quite a guy!!

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