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JN Clark

Ever get any assistance from the old Agricultural Conservation and Stabilization Committee?  Ever need a pint or two of blood for an operation?  Ever enjoy recreational water ways in Lake County (especially the Hickory Point boat ramp)?  If so then you can thank J.N. Clark in part for he was a member of the ASCS committee for many years along with Dixie Royal and John Hey.  In this capacity he struggled to spend your tax dollars wisely.  For many years assistance was available for farmers that practiced sound conservation practices and it was the job of the ASCS committee to determine which applicants were farmers that deserved the cost sharing and which were those simply trying to take advantage of the system.  J.N. spent many agonizing hours making sure our tax dollars went to the former not the later!

J.N. parted with hundreds of pints of his blood.  I do not know how many, but it is safe to say there are very few that have given more than he.  Talk about someone that cared for others.  Have you ever given a pint?  I did a couple of times and it was traumatic (can't do it now as heart medication prevents).  For J.N. stopping by to give himself for others was part of his monthly activities.  Some of us may have a little of J.N. flowing through our veins!

The Lake County Water Authority has invested in recreational property as well as dealing with aquatic weeds, obstructed canals, etc.  For years J.N. was the guy scouting areas and providing valuable input into the decision of which property to buy and how to develop it.  This was a perfect job for him as he loved the outdoors.  J.N. liked anything that involved being outside.  He loved to work his groves, loved to hunt, loved to fish, love to be with his family camping, just loved nature period.

And J.N. had a smile that reflected a soul that was gentle, giving, positive and had a sense of humor.  He was the consummate half full gentlemen.  He could always find the bright spot on a cloudy day.  Even during his last years when he endured dementia J.N. was a joy.  His family reflects how he joked with all the care givers.  We will miss J.N. and his warm smile, firm handshake and positive attitude.  I was blessed to have known him and I know all of the rest of you that crossed his path were enriched.  Thanks J.N. for bringing that ray of light, that upbeat sound of joy and love of life to each of us!

If you would like to remember J.N. the family suggests a gift to Hospice in his memory

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