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Norris "Hutch" Hutchinson

He had a smile that was like biscuits and gravy, warm and sincere.  Hutch was an easy going person that had a huge heart.  Like those you know on a casual basis, I had a very limited knowledge of the many facets this remarkable gentlemen possessed.  After attending his memorial service I gained a much deeper appreciation.  Hearing his son, Skip Wilson and Ed Barton share their thoughts my strong suspensions that Hutch was a deeply devoted person, to his family and to his friends was confirmed.  I could feel the love those that know Hutch well experienced.  A traveling man forced to cover the state as a fertilizer salesman, Hutch managed to come home almost every night as his family was at the top of his list.  He certainly was not the hard sell guy, but a sincere person that put your well being first.  I will miss that smile and soft look, the warm and sincere words and the true concern for others.  Hutch is the reason working in the citrus business is just a joy.  No finer gentlemen will you ever know, no one more devoted to his family and no one with more admiring friends.

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