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Tommy DeLoach

In mid December Tommy passed away.  I did not know him very well but he was an institution in Winter Garden.  I would see him frequently at the Country House for lunch.  He (and his wife) as well as Phil and Ann Cross were regulars.  I remember one day someone saying if the DeLoaches built a new house it would not have a kitchen after all they ate most of their meals at Country House.  Phil sent me the write up about Tommy and I learned a great deal about this remarkable fixture in Winter Garden.

Tommy grew up in Winter Garden and was great friends with many, especially Steve Holland.  Graduated from Lakeview High and then the Citadel where he majored in mathematics.  Served in the US Army and they worked on the Apollo Space Program for a few years before returning to Winter Garden.  He spent nearly 50 years as CEO etc. for his friend Steve Holland at Holland Properties/TM Ranch.  Tommy was active in Winter Garden, Rotary and especially girls softball (he had two daughters).  He was on City Commission as well.  Tommy was a family man, strong supporter of his community and a loyal and competent employee.  He ran Holland Properties and allowed Steve to be involved in many activities.

As I said, I had only a casual acquaintance with Tommy and see why he was so respected and loved by Winter Garden.  It is folks like Tommy that make such a huge impact on their communities.  Praise the Lord for Tommy DeLoach, we need many more like him.

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